March 30, 2021

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Inspired - Back to Business Not as Usual

Last year, Design 446 celebrated our 45th Anniversary. Not an easy accomplishment when you think of the way the world has changed over nearly a half a century. In 1974, information moved slowly and technology grew at a snail’s pace. Entering our 46th year, Design 446 was poised to take on the challenges of the new world of technology and marketing that is evolving at warp speed. Somehow, we were keeping up, and helping our many clients keep up as well.

Indeed, 2020 looked to many of us as a New Year filled with optimism and promise. Three months later, we were all operating in a new reality. Less than 90 days into 2020, nearly every facet of our lives had changed. Even our vocabulary sounded different. Phrases like “the new normal”, “social distanced”, and “you’re on mute” became a normal part of our everyday narrative…

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